Business Lawyers Company Secretary Scheme

Appoint your own Business Lawyers Company Secretary for £100.00 (+VAT) a month:

How does it work?

For a fixed monthly fee of £100.00 (+VAT) payable by Direct Debit or Standing Order you get:

  • Your own Company Secretary who is an insured Associate Chartered Company Secretary specialising in company law operating as your in-house specialist;
  • No extra charge for utilising our offices as your registered office.
  • No charge for time spent on telephone calls;
  • No charge for meetings held with you at Business Law offices;
  • No charge for attending up to four Board Meetings/virtual Board Meetings a year discussing company secretarial issues;
  • All our Business Law services will be provided to you at a reduced rate and will be fixed at the outset (excluding contentious matters);
  • Direct line and mobile number of your own Company Secretary;
  • Your own legal advisor on Board who will take genuine interest in your business.

Make savings from normal rates.

The Scheme is limited to 10 hours per annum which represents excellent value for money and heavily discounted rates to suit SME’s such as yourself.

Keep safe

Who in your organisation is dealing with Companies House, member and directorship issues? Do they have the necessary skills to minute and keep registers? Can they properly call meetings of directors and members? Do they simply guess the latest law trying to sort out legal issues by themselves? How much time and consequently money has been lost because you were tied up dealing with legal matters? We can help you keep your business safe and avoid you having to dabble in legal matters and taking grave risks.

Save money

Incorrect registers and handling of directors and membership issues may come back to haunt you and, if they do, it will most likely involve high cost too. Likewise improperly called or organized meetings may not be legal and could be open to challenge. Having your own legal director means you are no longer charged for every minute spent on your legal matters, so you can save money and safeguard your business. This is where the Business Lawyers Company Secretary Scheme can really make a difference.

Promote/keep your professional image

Having a Legal Director on board means that all your legal transactions, contracts and deal negotiations are handled by experts. This will complement your professional image in the eyes of your customers, suppliers, business contacts and your competitors.

Explore business opportunities-get the edge over your competitors

An expert can use the law to your advantage by identifying business prospects for you that would not have been apparent otherwise. Think of all the business opportunities that may be staring in the face of the non-expert and are missed out. Think also of how a qualified solicitor as director could give you the advantage over your less informed competitors.

How about ongoing Employment Law Support?

Why not top up your legal security cover offered by the Business Lawyers Company Secretary Scheme by subscribing to the Business Lawyers Legal Director Scheme?
To discuss this further, just give us a call on 0845 1306608.
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