Employment Help Desk

How does it work?

For a fixed monthly fee of £250.00 (+ VAT), you get your own Business Lawyers Employment Specialists (Employment Solicitor/s and/or HR professional/s) as your in-house Employment & HR support. You can rely on us when you need to by using up to 24 hours per year of employment services (up to a maximum of 5 hours per month) on employment law issues such as:

  • Contracts of Employment;
  • Compromise Agreements;
  • Policies and Procedures;
  • Staff Handbook;
  • Letters and forms;
  • Implementation, guidance and advice;
  • Regular employment law updates to any documentation that we have drafted, before any changes take place in legislation;
  • Practical bespoke training at your workplace on employment law issues;
  • Regular legal tips by email; and
  • Advice on any UK employment issue.
  • Plus one free initial consultation per employment issue that arises.

If you need us for more than 24 hours per 12 months (maximum of 5 hours per month) any further Employment & HR Services will be provided at a 10% discount and with a fixed fee, which set at the outset (excluding contentious matters).

Don’t dabble in Employment Law and HR

Having your own employment expert means you are no longer charged for every minute spent on your legal matters, so you can save money and safeguard your business. This is where the Business Lawyers Employment HelpDesk can really make a difference.

You will receive commercial expertise and practical guidance on handling disciplinaries, grievances, absence due to sickness, paternity, parental leave and holiday, drafting of documents, Tribunal and Court proceeding and all other employment law issues; on the telephone, by email, or in meetings at our offices.
Our employment experts are commercially minded. We get involved at an early stage and regularly throughout to ensure successful working relationships. We can act swiftly with the benefit of valuable insider knowledge gained from working within your business, to settle issues as they arise, minimising the burden of legal costs and deteriorating working relationships.

Save money

Bearing in mind that the going hourly rate typically for employment solicitors range between £150.00 to £250.00 (and much more for City and National law firm rates), the Business Lawyers Employment Help Desk offers great value for money.

To discuss this further, just give us a call on 08458 - 1306608.
Business Lawyers Employment Law – Employment HR Director on Board.