E-commerce, IT & Software

Businesses often come to us requesting legal advice when setting up an e-commerce website to provide services or products online. We have experience of working with website designers and business owners to minimise risk of loss to website owners caused by for instance simple typographical errors that have affected the likes of Argos and Curry’s in the past and which have cost millions of pounds of losses.

Aspects covered include:

  • Privacy policy
  • Data protection registration-avoiding fines and complaints
  • Disclaimers for bulletin boards and chatroom hosts
  • Advices on defamation aspects
  • Web hosting agreements
  • Web design agreements
  • Dealing with SPAM
  • Contracting online
  • Protecting your online copy
  • Disability Discrimination Act
  • Email policy for employees
  • Dangerous emails from employees
  • Domain name abuses

Similarly, when choosing an IT professional or when buying expensive software you will want piece of mind and right of redress should anything go wrong.Our contracts cover common aspects relating to the management of such risks including professional memberships,indemnity and liability clauses,obligatory insurances, dispute resolution provisions,service level and acceptable downtime plus provisions for failing to meet target service standards that are enforceable in law.

Specialist agreements also covered including:

  • Master server agreement
  • Website link agreement
  • Outsourcing
  • Hardware supply
  • Reseller agreement
  • Joint software development
  • Software licence agreement
  • Shrink-wrap
  • Click-wrap

and many more. If not listed here feel free to give us a call for a free consultation. More likely than not we will be able to tailor a contract to your specific needs.