Business Start Ups

If you are new to business dealing with all the “red tape” can be a real headache. Our lawyers understand this well and have led innumerable entrepreneurs through the often-complex legal process.

We advise new businesses on:

  • Risk management strategies to adopt to minimise future legal problems
  • The appropriate legal structure to commence so as not to jeopardise one’s home
  • Terms and conditions of trading so ensure easier,prompter payments
  • Claiming interest successfully on late payers
  • Forming a company-the easy way
  • Choosing a company name
  • Trading under a business name-the do’s and dont’s
  • Bank charges-reclaiming onerous amounts
  • Taking on consultants
  • Atypical working
  • Directors’ service agreements
  • Shareholders’ agreements
  • Data protection registration
  • Compliance with trading standards

The key issue with all the above is that with the fixed fee payment scheme we operate in conjunction with credit card payments online,clients should feel secure in the knowledge they know what legal fees are due and can afford them by spreading them out over a payment period to suit. With no/low cost interest rates operating on many credit cards only the brave or foolhardy should feel they have to start a new business without taking proper legal advice. In our experience it is a false economy that many later regret to their cost.