Trusted Adviser to law firms


Alternately legal practises are happy to pass on work to us-and us to them- when too busy or when the matter is beyond their expertise or niche knowledge. BL often receives referrals and introductions from third parties for which it pays a referral fee in accordance with the Solicitors Regulation Authority’s Rules. Being entrepreneurially minded we appreciate some business will want to act as affiliates or resellers and appropriate terms can be negotiated and agreed by consent.


BL works with other legal professionals constructively-be they in-house lawyers, solicitors, barristers, paralegals, ILEX’s or chartered company secretaries to develop a dynamic network of businesses that share the BL ethos and “can do” approach to business.

When BL itself does not have the expertise to deal with a matter –which is rare-it refers to such partner organisations for advice and assistance.

We are keen to expand our growing network of contacts and the expertise on offer and are looking for similarly indeed professionals with whom we can work harmoniously. If you are interested in working with us please do get in touch here.