Your In-House Legal Consultant or Director


For businesses and legal practises it can make sense appointing BL as a legal consultant or non-executive director to your business. These are service offerings that can enhance both parties’ reputations and marketing power. The advantage for the smaller legal practise is that our lawyers would appear as direct consultant members of your firm and/or team and would utilise your firm’s letterheads and business cards as you decide. We would agree a basic retainer model fee structure to cover routine matters and an additional model for specific projects/transactions. This again is flexible to suit your needs and would be based on a percentage of the hourly or fixed fee rate charged to your client. This agreement would be backed up by adequate non-solicitation provisions to ensure client and staff protection to both businesses.

We also act in Joint Venture projects with similarly minded businesses. In particular at present we are looking for an HR consultant with whom we can work.