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Small details matter in the law we know. That’s why if you are like minded and observant you will have notice “with” not “for” in the above heading.

This is what sets us apart from the vast majority of law firms you may have encountered.

We have determined the pyramidical structure of the typical law firm formed in the Victorian era is no longer suited for 21st century law where lawyers are more independent than ever, entrepreneurial and contra the classic “master and servant” model of old.

Therefore ask yourself this question: do you want to work in a collegiate atmosphere with shared support as opposed to slaving under the old “queen bee” model that is backed by the pressure of billable hour targets?

If the answer is positive then read on below.


We are different

Business Lawyers challenges the accepted assumptions of running a law firm:

  • We are a limited company not a partnership so are able to spend more time on the business as opposed to having partners arguing over profits.
  • We are virtual and so are able to pass on real cost savings to clients without compromising quality.
  • We provide out of normal office hours service at evenings and weekends to suit client’s needs.
  • We do not employ senior lawyers as partners but appoint them as consultants to manage their own workload, profit centre and practice.
  • We allow the consultants to retain fairly more of their fees for the work they undertake.
  • We release the lawyers from day to day politics and burden of running their own practises.


Grow your own practice with Business Lawyers

We work with you to develop your business under our well recognized brand.

We are aware that many lawyers do not wish to toil the lonely furrow as a sole
practitioner yet at the same time do not wish to work for others enriching the same unfairly.

Business Lawyers is well suited to the entrepreneurial lawyer.

Our lawyers are supported by the brand and our central office support which frees up time to focus on business and client development.

For the right lawyer this is an ideal model to grow their own practice. Our lawyers are free to set their own rates and fees for work they generate and are able to build good strong relationships with clients.


Our support to your success

We provide the following services as part of our packaged support offering to our lawyers who are independent consultants working under our brand:

  • Website presence, SEO and PPC.
  • Marketing support including newsletters.
  • Cross referrals of leads and business.
  • IT systems.
  • Email account.
  • Backup.
  • CRM system.
  • Case management system.
  • Archiving.
  • Accounting,book-keeping and tax support.
  • Invoicing, credit control and debt collection.
  • Banking facilities including the ability for clients to make credit card payments/BACS.
  • Fax and post.
  • Telephone answering.
  • Holiday and sickness cover.
  • PA support including digital dictation and voice recognition.
  • CPD and training.
  • SRA compliance.
  • Professional indemnity insurance.
  • Know how and precedent libraries.
  • Team meetings and
  • Sundry other facilities available to make you and our client services a success.


Vacancies for Solicitors and Legal Executives-our requirements

We are interested in talking to sole practitioners, partners, senior associates, legal counsel and senior legal executives with at least 5 years experience (and preferably 10 or more) who wish to join an innovative business specialising in business law to SME’s, family owned businesses and franchises.

To join you need to be satisfy stringent quality acceptance criteria to maintain client satisfaction. This means broadly the following:

  • An ability and confidence to generate your own caseload through existing contacts and most importantly from referrals from clients.
  • An ability to cross refer through our network of lawyers.
  • Excellent client care skills.
  • Sound client and employment testimonials and references.
  • An impeccable claims history to date.
  • Technical ability and experience of handling a broad range of business law issues.
  • Specialisms within the business law sector.
  • IT skills. You will have your own IT, internet and telecommunications equipment, systems and connections.
  • You will enjoy being part of an integrated team but you will thrive in an autonomous, highly flexible working environment.
  • You will be able and willing to work alone from a home office/office of your choice (including the client’s office).

To understand your key responsibilities in helping us make your working with us a success please get in touch here.

The benefits of working with us include:

  • An opportunity to build your own following.
  • Support in doing so.
  • Flexible working (provided the clients are happy you choose when you work).
  • Fitting work into childcare and dependent responsibilities. 
  • Achieving a better work-life balance.
  • Escaping from the daily commute to the office.
  • An end to departmental disputes and power struggles.
  • Your work rewarded: you retain a high proportion of bills paid basis; i.e. the more you do, the more you receive. 
  • As such you achieve the rewards of being treated like a true equity partner in terms of remuneration share.
  • Direct access to the managing director who will want you to achieve success. 
  • A true meritocracy so Legal Executives are paid equally to solicitors. 
  • Working from home.

Interested in working together?

If you are interested in working with Business Lawyers contact Brian McLelland by email or telephone us on 0845 1306608.

All approaches are handled with the strictest of confidence.

No agency applications accepted.