Your Results

A few case studies should help you here see how we have helped clients in the past:

  • Helping an IT business sue successfully a late payer
  • Advising a business that was buying a beauty franchise - the terms were onerous so she bought a less risky business elsewhere.
  • Advising the seller of a tyre company when dealing with a buyer.
  • Helping a family business of 15 year standing sell up to a national player in the conferencing field on more favourable terms.
  • Defending an IT recruitment business from a copyright breach demand-saving £1500 plus legal costs of £4000.
  • Defending an events company in a fire claim by a "chancer" saving £1000.
  • Helping an IT company dismiss an agent employee fairly when certain information came to light.
  • Successfully helping a manufacturer deal with a troublesome agent so saving future custom from poaching and rejecting an unfair demand for payment for "territory".
  • Plus lots of ecommerce start ups and online trading - clubs,tools,clothes,PR sales and services to name but a few.

The type of clients we work with fall into these categories:

  • businesses worried by the "legals" and with an urgent problem to solve'
  • businesses that understand the need to manage their legal risks in advance before it is too late;
  • companies that have put aside sensible budgets for legal charges;
  • organisations that want and need regular legal advice but do not wish to pay City rates;
  • start ups that want to be properly prepared legally from D-Day as opposed to starting unplanned;
  • concerns that appreciate the added value a good business lawyer can bring to their organisation and
  • enterprises that do not want to pay the costs of an in-house legal department/specialist but nevertheless need expert advice.

If this sounds like you then do get in touch in order to work together-we may be able to help you.