Your Benefits

We are different in that our High Wycombe office provides:

  • Out of hours service at times to suit YOU not the law firm.
  • Cover for lunch hour and weekend queries to fit in with your busy day.
  • Fixed and capped fee quotes to provide you with cost certainty.
  • Services to our clients for free-we do not charge every time you call us for a quick query.
  • Annual service fee offerings and DD/SO's to help your cash flow.
  • Lots of practical advice, guides, briefings, 1-2-1's,webinars,audio legal updates, podcasts and information as part of your annual membership to our LEGAL BEAGLE BUSINESS CLUB.

    Additional to this we have to keep abreast of changes of new legislation and case law since the law is forever changing and evolving and there is a need to advise contacts and clients of the same. We do this through issue of our free newsletter -see our business website to sign up for this and for lots of free articles and legal hints. Try out our free legal audit to self-assess the strength of your business in overcoming legal threats.

    As a new business we know all too well the considerable hurdles start ups and the like face.

We are a Quality Solicitor member which means peace of mind for clients.

Feel free to contact us at Business Lawyers Limited on 0845-1306608 for a free no obligation legal advice and fixed fee quote - the advantage of such a quote I find to any small business is cost certainty and the ability to budget successfully and this may be tackled by staged payments or credit card payments spread over many months. Usually the average fee for typical advice is not considerable and is comparable to what many web designers, marketing advisers and accountants charge for essential business services so do not be put off here.

Many common areas of business law problems are covered by the practice including:

  • contract,
  • tort,
  • intellectual property,
  • copyright,
  • trademark infringement,
  • consultancy agreements,
  • distribution/agency agreements,
  • acquisitions and merger advice/drafting

All sensible and necessary business "stuff" to protect your business as it grows.

If you need advice on successful tendering, company law compliance, business sales and purchases and e-commerce then feel free to give us a call at no charge. We listen sympathetically to client dilemmas and have seen many common problems recurring with different clients over the years-debt, disputes, power struggles and the like.

We also give helpful and practical advice to franchisees when they are thinking of buying into a franchise business.

As a specialist the company provides expert company and business law advice:

  • at a price you can afford
  • at a price you can budget for-fixed and capped fee quotes
  • by lawyers who speak and write plain English and
  • with a practice that operates as a company itself and which understands the challenges facing SME's today.

Unlike other legal practices we do not deal with divorce since we are a business law specialist nor are we merely a brokerage to provide legal services as a non-solicitor "legal consultant"(to avoid Law Society regulation and client protection and to save on insurance typically).

With a qualified solicitor and legal practice regulated by The Solicitors' Regulation Authority (SRA) you have better protection since:

  • insurance-usually higher-is obligatory;
  • the legal practice is audited by the SRA-unlike legal consultancies;
  • a solicitor needs to abide by a code of professional conduct that legal brokers do not;
  • there has to be a satisfactory complaints procedure;
  • your solictor may be disciplined by The Law Society and may lose his/her licence to practice;
  • your solicitor's legal charges have to agreed in advance and you should not get "unexpected surprises" and
  • you may legitimately challenge excessive bills.

All good reasons we would have thought to use one-though as ever the choice is yours.

Further unlike online/telephone services for £5 or so our advice/documents have to be up to date and such online document providers usually have disclaimers we would say negate what clients typically want-up to date accurate legal advice and services that are relevant to the business world in which we live and work. Put it another way why pay £30-50 plus VAT for telephone legal advice that may not be accurate and for which you may not have any legal redress?

Therefore we are pleased to be Qualified Solicitors and specialist Chartered Secretaries-members of The Law Society Of England & Wales and The Chartered Institute Of Secretaries and Administrators and abide by both professions codes of conduct.

for more.

If experience matters to you then note our 25 years of law/commercial exposure as lawyers/entrepreneurs.

Likewise past City & Top 30 firm exposure means your business need not suffer when clashing/competing with bigger players.

We find business law is often challenging and demanding in terms of the "red tape" it produces for businesses to deal with and the frequent legislative changes means at Business Lawyers Limited we try to cut a way through the red tape maze/morass to help businesses cope better. We do this with our in-house service to allow businesses to focus on their key business strengths as opposed to them trying to deal with legal issues in which they have no expertise.

In short we help you sort out the legal wood from the trees by first prioritising and then tackling business risks.

Some examples of these:

  • getting a good settlement for a client who was being refused payment for copyright work submitted;
  • improving a client's terms and conditions to achieve better redress and cashflow re late payments;
  • chasing up a client's international debtor on the continent with pleasing results;
  • complying with data protection rules to avoid fines for a client's website;
  • registering a trademark to protect a business asset;
  • advising a client to change business status to protect his home and family and
  • advising a franchisee of a business purchase ot her rights so reducing the sales price significantly;

and many many more-written and audio testimonials and references upon request,though many are available here.