Our Commitment to You

Business Lawyers Limited

We are a young legal practice providing specialised business law advice to clients nationally and internationally.

We practice English law and are regulated by The Solicitors Regulation Authority.

We also carry out bespoke company secretarial services and our chartered company secretaries are registered with The Institute of Chartered Secretaries & Administrators Of England & Wales.

Accordingly we abide by strict professional codes of practice for both bodies to give our clients peace of mind.  See here for more details: The Law Society Codes of Practice and The ICSA Codes of Practice as to what you can expect.

Similarly as corporate members of the FSB and The Thames Valley Chambers Of Commerce we follow their codes of conduct in dealing with other members.

We are different

We have turned the traditional legal practice on its head by critically questioning and examining the ethos of how standard law firms are run.

Accordingly we are different from the standard law firm by:

  • Working on a fixed–fee quote basis wherever possible thereby ensuring clients know in advance their legal bills and so allowing them to budget for this;
  • Not operating usually on an hourly rate;
  • Accepting instructions by the internet and by telephone;
  • Accepting payments online and by credit cards;
  • Operating as a virtual law firm in the same way many of our clients use e-commerce to promote their own businesses;
  • Not having a traditional bricks and mortar office base since our lawyers work from their own offices based at home or elsewhere;
  • Passing on the real cost savings from this to our clients;
  • Allowing our solicitors to work more flexibly and efficiently by home-working, flexi-working and tele-working to suit their own domestic and personal preferences, avoiding long and tiring commutes and lost energy, frustration and productivity and
  • Finally, operating with a limited company structure as many of our clients do which affords our clients a higher level of insurance protection.