Your Problems

Welcome to Business Lawyers-the business lawyers who mean business. We provide legal advice to help businesses grow profitably. As specialist business lawyers we provide virtual legal solutions to businesses-we do not deal in divorce or probate for example as that is not our expertise.

Think about these issues that you may want/may affect you:

  • Are you worried by the complexities of the law in running your own business?
  • Are you stressed and are suffering sleepless nights over legal disputes or are losing time and money trying to manage this yourself?
  • Do you lack the time and expertise to manage your legal risks yourself?
  • Would you like a service that offers you a free initial no obligation consultation either face to face or by phone?
  • Would you like something similar by email?
  • Do you want a different relationship with your lawyer than the traditional one where you visit them at their office at a time that suits them only?
  • Would you want a legal helpline at little cost?
  • Are you fed up with lawyers who charge excessively and who charge for every phone call or photocopy made?
  • Would you like budget certainty by having fixed or capped fee quotes?
  • Would you like the flexibility to pay by credit or debit card online?
  • Would you like an "out of hours" service with advice "on tap" evenings and weekends?
  • Do you need a business law specialist to guide you through the legal maze?
  • Would you like a fast turnaround of service with a business that welcomes the concept of SLA's?

If you have answered positively to many if not most of the above then we may be able to assist.